Visit the UK’s largest beer attraction for an unforgettable journey through the history of Scotland’s favourite beer. Tennent’s has been welcomed into homes across Scotland for years, so it’s free to come in and have a look around our heritage centre!

Our immersive experience traces the history of Tennent’s Lager, from the 1500s to the present day. The Tennent’s Story heritage centre will take you behind the scenes of the famous beer, covering everything from its origins, production, provenance and place in Scottish culture.

Centred on the story of Hugh Tennent and the first brew of Tennent’s Lager in 1885, which was described by newspapers at the time as a “madman’s dream”, the visitor centre is home to artefacts gathered from the first days of brewing at Wellpark in 1556 through to today. On your trip through our history, you’ll discover how Tennent’s became part of Scottish culture and marvel at moments from our iconic advertising campaigns, T in the Park festival and more.

Motion capture animations developed by Glasgow School of Art, personal stories from generations of Tennent’s alumni and fascinating artefacts from days gone by will take you on a monumental and historic journey.

Entry to the Tennent’s Story heritage centre is free! When will you be coming to visit?

Want to learn more about what makes Tennent’s so special? Why not book the Tennent’s Brewery tour to discover the inner workings of Wellpark Brewery.